Enterprise Partners

SizeUp licenses its API to enterprises that want to dramatically increase customer engagement and interact with their customers in a genuine and impactful way. Enterprises that integrate the SizeUp API into their online offerings provide valuable individualized insight and develop stronger relationships with their customers.

Small Business Portals

Many large enterprises are now building online portals for small business owners that provide a more holistic experience for the small business user. Major brands such as Bloomberg and Staples have licensed the SizeUp API to better engage their small business customer base and help these businesses grow. To learn more about the new trend, download our report, Large Enterprise Web Portals to Serve SMB Customers and Prospects.

If you are interested in finding out how SizeUp can help your enterprise engage with your customers through a small business portal, please contact us.

Financial Institutions

Savvy financial institutions are providing SizeUp FI business intelligence insights as a value-added service to attract new business customers and retain existing customers. These FIs are creating greater engagement with their business clients and a deeper partnership in these companies' success. To learn more about how FIs are leveraging small business intelligence, download our report, Financial Institution Online Big Data Platforms to Serve and Acquire Small Business Customers.

If you are interested in finding out how SizeUp can help your financial institution serve your small business customers with SizeUp FI, please contact us.

Product Integration

SizeUp adds significant value by integrating business intelligence into existing applications. SizeUp’s market research, analytical insights, and data visualization can supplement an existing product, or it can be combined with your company’s own proprietary data to provide customized intelligence tailored to your specific audience. For example, SizeUp’s API can be used to supercharge directories, accounting, CRM, search, media, banking, finance, real estate, retail and other online services. Any company that serves small businesses is a candidate for SizeUp’s information services.

If you are interested in finding out how SizeUp can help your company enhance your product offering and deliver greater value to your customers, please contact us.