How Small Businesses Benefit

Small and medium sized businesses are already at a competitive disadvantage because they don't have access to the same quality of business intelligence and competitor analysis that big businesses have. We are leading a movement to level the business information playing field, help entrepreneurs to grow their companies, and reduce small business failure.

SizeUp shows businesses how to make more money, outperform their competition, and find the best places to advertise. We provide high-quality business intelligence so every company can grow by being smarter. Using SizeUp, businesses can benchmark their competitiveness and receive resources to improve.

SizeUp does this for businesses that want the following:

Businesses want to see how they size up

Businesses owners and entrepreneurs want to know how their business compares to their peers and if they are out-performing or under-performing their competitors. SizeUp super-crunches millions of data points to answer this question so businesses know where they stand.

Businesses want to make more money

SizeUp shows businesses how to make more money by identifying the best markets and opportunities for their business. It is online business consulting that is automated and free. SizeUp optimizes businesses.

Businesses want to market themselves

SizeUp can mathematically identify top locations to target your advertising based on customers' demographics ideal for your business and in geographic locations optimal for your industry. Advertising and marketing money does not need to be wasted on the wrong audience.

Businesses want new customers and better vendors

Businesses no longer have to rely on their Rolodex, industry association contacts, or lead-generation list selling companies to understand who they can buy from and sell to. SizeUp creates visual lists of businesses of potential buyers and sellers that are geographically based. This provides spatial insights how to best serve existing customers and find new customers. It also shows visual information and lists about suppliers to buy from.

Businesses want to outperform the competition

SizeUp enables businesses to perform a side-by-side, apples-to-apples competitiveness comparison of their business to all other competitors in their industry from the local to the national level. This industry comparison is based on numerous business, employee, location, and industry performance variables. This enables each business to see its company's advantages and deficiencies so it can respond with action to perform better than its competitors.

Businesses want to save money

SizeUp shows businesses places that they may be paying too much and provides resources for where they may be able to save money. Businesses can compare how much they are paying to standard amounts similar businesses pay.

Businesses want to find opportunities

Entrepreneurs want to find opportunities for creating businesses in underserved industries right in their own community. SizeUp identifies the places that are the highest performing or most underserved. Businesses can immediately identify market opportunities geographically.

Businesses want to see the future

Imagining what a company's future competitive performance would be like if things changed for the business could provide strategic direction for a business' forecasting and planning. By making future assumptions in the SizeUp competitiveness tool businesses can see how changes in their business would compare to their overall industry. SizeUp provides competitive company scenario modeling, also known as "futuring," based on fundamental business assumptions.

Businesses want personalized feedback

No two businesses are alike, although many businesses share common opportunities and challenges. SizeUp enables each business to search for exactly the information relevant to it and provide customized business intelligence reports as unique as that business.

Businesses want to know what they don't know

Everyone is limited by not knowing what they don't know. SizeUp provides information to businesses that they don't know they need, but which can make their businesses more successful. And it's provided in an easy to understand way that visually shows the problems and opportunities and explains them.

Businesses want a plan

Banks and investors need to know what a company's goals and opportunities are and the strategy proposed to reach them. That information is often found in a business plan. The data analysis and reports in SizeUp provide market and competitive intelligence which can be placed directly in a business plan.

What SizeUp Believes In

SizeUp is obsessively committed to making businesses smarter, more profitable, and more competitive through search technology with a result of creating better businesses, economically healthy communities, and fostering job creation. We are focused on increasing wealth, democratizing information, and improving society.

Increase profit, disrupt industries, and identify opportunities

Taking revenue from your competitors, which allows for success only at the expense of others, is not the only way to be more competitive. Instead, SizeUp proposes a radical efficiency model to increase profitability. To take advantage of this model, businesses simply need to stop wasting money on bad initiatives. By reducing expenses using SizeUp's radical efficiency analysis to target resources to the best opportunities, profits will rise even without an increase in revenue.

This will be disruptive to existing business models, especially to companies that (even if they don't mean to) receive revenue without delivering enough real value. SizeUp can shrink these inefficient markets that make money through customer ignorance.

The data analysis in SizeUp also gives businesses competitive intelligence about how to find new markets and how to capitalize on competitors' inefficiencies and weaknesses to capture their market share.

Small business can be as smart as big business

Small businesses are at a competitive disadvantage compared to big businesses because they don't have access to the same quality information to enable success. Among other benefits, this allows big businesses to identify the best customer markets, best locations to do business, and which businesses to work with. They accomplish this through the economies of scale of internal resources or the financial strength to hire expert consultants. Small businesses don't have this option and make too many decisions without good information, which results in a higher likelihood that they will fail.

SizeUp provides many of the same demographic, industry, geographic, business, transportation, and cost-of-business data that big businesses use, but provides it to all companies at no cost, using powerful analytic search tools to enable all businesses to make smarter decisions.

Prevent small business failure

Too many lifesavings are lost through the rapid failure of small businesses. A business shuttering can wipe out a family economically. One of the reasons for these failures is that the businesses don't have access to easily understandable information about where to locate their business and how to position their business for success. SizeUp shows where and how to be successful.

Risk is a part of entrepreneurship and some businesses should fail. But they should fail because they have a bad idea or poor business model. They should not fail because the business opens in the wrong location or they don't have access to quality information that can make their business successful. SizeUp reduces the likelihood of failure in these areas.

Every successful business uses our same strategy

Every large and successful business uses the same type of quantitative analysis SizeUp provides to benchmark their success and plan their future. SizeUp makes this data available to the small and medium-sized businesses that would never have access to this data - and, even if they did, would never be able to make sense of it in a way that would direct and inform their business strategy and operations.

SizeUp shows businesses how to make more money by maximizing their strategic advantages against competitors, identifying the best places to succeed, and recommending strategies for business growth. This is not just an exercise. Every Fortune 500 company does this; it is part of what makes these businesses continue to be successful.

Every business decides where to locate

Every single business has to find a location for their business and each year over 750,000 businesses have to choose a location to start-up or expand. (Source: US Small Business Administration). Even though choosing the correct business location is a critical component for a successful business, many companies make uniformed decisions without even knowing that they're doing so.

Free markets are only possible with equal access to data

Adam Smith pointed out that free markets only exist when good access to information also exists. But today many businesses are information have-nots that do not have equal access to business, industry, and market intelligence to be able to make equally informed decisions to compete in a free market. SizeUp breaks down information barriers to enable all businesses to have high-quality competitive business intelligence data at no cost, making it universally available to everyone with an Internet connection.

SizeUp is working to liberate data from hidden or inaccessible data sources and provide data visualization and comparison to everyone online. We are committed to democratizing information.

SizeUp uses massive amounts of data to provide businesses with information and analysis they could not easily get or make sense of on their own. We want businesses to become smarter though individual data, robust national data sets, and extreme number crunching.

Better city planning through information empowerment

People want to understand where they live but rarely have the visibility into information about their community to make intelligent decisions about how to make it better. SizeUp opens access to community and city planning data which is comparable across the entire country.

Entrepreneurship is our future

Entrepreneurship is a valuable and critical element of community economic growth and individual business development which should be fostered and enabled. SizeUp gives entrepreneurs a deep view into their business and industry. It provides them with ways of seeing business intelligence in ways they couldn't visualize before and frees them to spend more time on the core value proposition of their unique business. An effective entrepreneurial society encourages job creation, innovation, and a healthy economy. At SizeUp we are pro-entrepreneur.

Serving the underserved is good business

SizeUp's primary audience is the small and medium size business (SMB/SME) market, comprised of businesses with revenues of less than $250M per year, which accounts for 99.99% of all businesses in the USA. (Source: The Breakthrough Company). This is a highly underserved segment of the business market because many cannot afford business consulting or assistance. We serve them by replacing their unreliable gut decisions with powerful, quantitative business intelligence at no cost.

We can't do this alone

We have huge goals: business intelligence for all, better communities, economic development, job creation, narrowing the digital divide and more. We are leading a movement and we can't do it alone. Here's how you can help join this effort:

  1. Share the word about our service so more people use SizeUp to become more successful. By doing so you can create more jobs, prevent businesses from failing, and help the economy grow.
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